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An intruguing evening at the LHL games for sure - I spread the custom Heads rollies around Cousin Herb rolled up the aforementioned Chocolate Jack Herer using the "made in Spain" Raws and those clear rolling substrates I've become so fond of.


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Hello there, I'm having problems viewing your blog on my iPhone, the comment form isn't showing properly for me. (Just thought you might want to know, I'm typing this from my laptop.)


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Weed can provide for some people some kind of relaxation after a hard week of work, many use it for fun, those are call "everyday smokers". I don't see no wrong on people smoking weed, as long they behave and don't begin to do stupid things.


Great article!

I taught Bricin years ago. Great guy, full of energy.

Nice to see he's still going strong.

Knock it off, Skeptikool. Everyone else is sitting on the damn sofa these days. These guys are getting off their asses, and being innovative at the same time.

How un-Canadian, eh.

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