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You have the best culture magazine going by far. most of the others i cant be bothered to buy them. they have nothing new, and nothing worth looking at, there just catalouges of product. you guys are all about the culture, the art the music, the knowledge, its great!

PLUS i got a flag sent from you guys! thanks alot!

btw, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either release ALL your back issues by pdf, OR by one bound big book (maybe with the ads removed at the cost of a big book?)

thanks! keep up the AWESOME work


oh i forgot! great website! the menu tripped me out but its still not to the point of annoying! great layout :)

Uncle Weed

Great site relaunch Head'ers!

I tuned into the Heads radio and been vape'ing BC's finest along to the tunes on this rainy Vancouver afternoon.

Publishing two Headfirst articles was indeed a high point of a wild 2006.

Here's to more hi-jinks in 2007 ... and a stony festivus to all!


i wanna give a big shot out to my friend Crazy Composer !! and thats for all the work you bring to the main family room!


viva la natural !!!


Just in time for christmas.... How great is that ?

Brightest of Blessings to you, Great job !!



Hey everyone!

Congrats to HEADS for the new blogging venture. :) It'll be interesting to see where this goes from here.

I just got back from a KILLER photo shoot at one of the country's premier heirloom gardens, and let me tell you!!! HEADS will be getting tons of gorgeous photos of the world's most beloved clone-only strains to share with you all very soon. ;) There's a whole year's worth of Strain of the Month columns in there.

On top of my recent visit to this incredible garden, my own garden is about 40 days into flowering now and is about ready to photograph. 2007 is going to be a very sticky, smokey year. :)

See you all here and in the pages of your favorite mag,

Crazy Composer


Congrats~ Such a nice layout~ And very useful i may add~

~Good Work


Darcy Bennet

Hey HEADS online -- you are gorgeous. Great work, can't wait to see what comes next. I love you. I kiss you.

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